Nae Nae & Jomo
Nae Nae & JoMo

Nae Nae & JoMo


KOKO94′s Nae Nae from The Noontime Lunch Wagon, spent this week at Art Laboe’s BRAND NEW STUDIOS in Palm Springs, CA. Her and JoMo (Art Laboe’s Network Relations ‘Go To Gal’) are making sure Art’s voice comes in LOUD AND CLEAR all over The Central Valley, Southern CA and throughout the southwest. Thanks for all your hard work ladies!

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  1. Heather (March 25, 2014)

    Hey nae nae!! It was awesome meeting you today in Bakersfield CA @ Black Bear Diner! I was your server Heather! :) Just wanted to say what’s up! Lol

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