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*The drawing will take place on the 25th of every month. If the 25th falls on a weekend, the drawing will take place on the following Monday.

*After the 25th drawing ALL the remaining names will be Removed and filed for future reference.

*Listeners may, and are encouraged to, submit ONCE A MONTH.

 *The winner of each drawing will be announced ONCE, LIVE on the air on The Oldies Drive Home before 5pm.

*The Winner’s Name (first & last), will be publicized on and all corresponding social media sites.

*The Winner’s “KOKO94 Prize Pack” will be mailed (US Mail- First Class) on the first available REGULAR BUSINESS day within REGULAR BUSINESS hours (9a-5p) Mon-Fri, Unless other arrangements are made with KOKO Staff. EX: The Drawing takes place on Tuesday the 25th, the “KOKO94 Prize Pack” will be mailed out Wednesday the 26th.

*The “KOKO94 Prize Pack” MAY consists of various combinations, including but not limited to, CDs, T-shirts, Art Laboe Bobble Heads, Gift Certificates/Gift Cards, and/or other KOKO promotional items. No Alcoholic beverages, tobacco products or perishable food items will be included in the “KOKO94 Prize Pack” at anytime.

*After a winner has won in this drawing, they cannot win in THE FOLLOWING MONTH. EX: Winner wins KOKO94 Prize Pack in January, they cannot win again in February, But they may win the March drawing.

*ALL other KOKO94 Contest Rules Apply (KOKO Contest Rules are Posted on No Purchase is necessary. For additional information contact our offices Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.